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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the UNESCO Library?
The UNESCO Library reading room is situated ... more
Who can use the library?
The UNESCO Library, established in 1947 ... more
When is the library open?
The reading room and ... more
How do I contact the library?
You can contact the staff ... more
Which subjects does the library have information about?
The UNESCO Library collections ... more
Is it possible to access the library's catalogue via internet?
Yes, access to the catalogue ... more
Where can I find UNESCO documents?
Via the catalogue you can find ... more
What is the best way to use the catalogue?
In the advanced search mode ... more
Can I check the shelves myself for books?
In the reading room ... more
Do the books have to be reserved in advance?
No, you can ... more
Can I borrow library books and periodicals?
Yes, if you are in ...
I need a book for my work at UNESCO but don't find it in the catalogue, what do I do?
If the title you need ... more
Can I ask the library to buy a specific title?
Yes, this is possible. If ... more
Can I read newspapers and periodicals in the library?
Yes, ... more
Can I see UNESCO produced films in the library?
Yes, the library ... more
Can I buy UNESCO books in the library?
No, UNESCO published ... more
To which electronic resources does the library provide access?
The library subscribes to
Does the library have computers for public use?
Yes, there are 6 ... more
Does the library accept publications as gifts?
Due to space constraints... more
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