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      Biosphere Reserve Information



  General Description   This biosphere reserve is located in the Beiby Gulf Area of Guangxi Autonomous region in the southernmost part of China. It covers only 8,000 hectares, but given the fact that it supports several mangrove species endangered in China (Rhizophora stylosa, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza), as well as rare seagrass species and the sea mammal Dugong dugong, it is of major significance for biodiversity conservation. The biosphere reserve includes mangroves, salt marshes and seagrass habitats. This combination of three coastal habitats in a single location is rare along China’s coast.
Most of the local people (totalling some 34,000 in the transition area in 1998) are originally from the Fujian coast area (eastern China) and are descendants of Han nationality. Their main economic activities are rice and commercial crop cultivation as well as livestock husbandry, mariculture and shallow water fishing. Development opportunities include sustainable mariculture (mudflat and offshore mariculture, including pearl cultivation), further development of ecotourism, shoreline protection, duck-raising, bee-keeping, processing of edible fruits of the mangrove species Avicennia marina etc. Frequent visits by local and national officials provide scope for demonstration and improvement of protection and resource use strategies in China’s marine coastal environment. Shankou Mangrove Biosphere Reserve also offers considerable potential for collaborative activities with other mangrove biosphere reserves in the region, such as Ranong Biosphere Reserve in Thailand and Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam.
  Major ecosystem type   Mangrove
  Major habitats & land cover types   Mangrove swamp characterized by Rhizophora stylosa, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, Aegiceras corniculatum, Kandelia candel and Avicennia marina; salt marsh dominated by Spartina anglica; sea grass habitats dominated by Halophila ovalis and Halodule uninervis; farm and dry land with Eucalyptus exserta, E. citriodora, rice, peanut, sugarcane etc.
  Location   21°28' to 21°37'N; 109°37' to 109°47'E
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   8,000
  Core area(s)   800 (marine)
  Buffer zone(s)   3,600 (marine)
  Transition area(s) when given   3,600 (of which marine: 600)
  Altitude (metres above sea level)   -15 to +30
  Year designated   2000
  Administrative authorities   Management Div. of Shankou National Mangrove Nature Reserve The State Ocean Administration and the Guangxi Ocean
  Brief description   Investigation of afforestation
Structural and functional stability of mangrove systems
Monitoring of the water body, fish and plant species
Environmental impact monitoring of tourism activities
Mapping of the different zones of the biosphere reserve
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   n.a.
  Biodiversity   Afforestation/Reforestation, ecosystem functioning/ecosystem structure, fishes, mangrove, methodologies, plants.
  Socio-economic   Tourism.
  Integrated monitoring   Impact and risk studies/Environmental impact, mapping, monitoring/methodologies, planning and zoning measures/zonation.
  Contact address   Ding Ping
Shankou National Mangrove Nature Reserve Management Division
P.O. Box No.1 Kangle Road, Lianzhou
536100 Hepu County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  Telephone   (86.779) 728 2149
  Fax   (86.779) 728 2149

Last updated: 12/12/2007

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