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  General Description   The Chréa Biosphere Reserve and National Park is located 50 km south-west of the capital Algiers, along the northern and southern ridges of the Blida section of the Atlas Mountains. This site plays a vital role in the area, notably as a water reservoir for large cities like Algiers, Blida and Médéa. It is also important from a conservation perspective with rare and endangered ecosystems specific to the northern Atlas Mountains. The national park hosts 1,210 plant and animal species, such as the Atlas ceder (Cedrus atlantica) and the monkey (Macaca sylvanus).
The Chréa Biosphere Reserve hosts a diversity of cultures (Arab, Andalusian and Berber cultures). About 1,000 people live within the biosphere reserve (2002) who are mostly farmers. However, also tourism plays an important role in the area with approximately 10,000 visitors per year.
The site complies with the logistic function of a biosphere reserve very well: an eco-museum has been established to raise public awareness. A research station situated in the national park organizes long and short-term internships for students and seminars for pupils and graduates. In the context of the recent biosphere reserve designation, the participation of local population in management of the area will be one of the main issues in the near future.
  Major ecosystem type   Evergreen sclerophyllous forests, scrubs or woodlands
  Major habitats & land cover types   Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) habitats; Macaca sylvanus habitat; holm oak (Quercus ilex) habitat; cork oak (Quercus suber) habitat; pine (Pinus halepensis) habitat
  Location   36°19' to 36°30'N; 02°38' to 03°02'E
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   36,985
  Core area(s)   5,706.5
  Buffer zone(s)   20,807.25
  Transition area(s) when given   10,471
  Altitude (metres above sea level)  
  Year designated   2002
  Administrative authorities   Parc National de Chréa
  Brief description   Rural development in protected areas
GIS in the Chrea National Park
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   n.a.
  Biodiversity   n.a.
  Socio-economic   n.a.
  Integrated monitoring   n.a.
  Contact address    
Parc National de Chréa
Bd Mohamed Boudiaf
09000 BLIDA
  Telephone   (213.025) 41 64 61
  Fax   (213.025) 41 63 63

Last updated: 19/11/2002

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