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© Photo: Parc National du Haut Niger
  General Description   Situated in the Niger basin, this biosphere reserve is part of the sudano-guanese vegetation zone. The biosphere reserve plays an important role to protect primary open dry forests which are believed to represent the last relicts in Guinea and probably in all western Africa. It covers open dry forests, gallery forests along the Niger River and its tributaries, woodland and herbaceous savanna, mares as well as agroforestry ecosystems.
More than 4,000 people live in the biosphere reserve (2002) who mostly depend on agriculture, stock raising, hunting, gathering and fishing. The area has a high potential for eco-tourism development. A development plan (1999-2003) has been established in order to improve the community participation in the management of the biosphere reserve. Social, tourist and forestry development projects will be carried out in close cooperation with the local communities. Among scientific projects undertaken in the biosphere reserve are species inventories, a rehabilitation project for chimpanzees and the monitoring of the West African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) and the endangered endemic catfish Arius gigas. An ecomuseum and a botanical garden provides environmental education within the biosphere reserve.
  Major ecosystem type   Tropical dry or deciduous forests (including monsoon forests)
  Major habitats & land cover types   Forêt claire / forêt sèche with Isoberlina doka, Khaya senegalensis, Cola cordifolia, Prosopis africana etc.; gallery forests characterized by Alchornea cordifolia, Pterocarpus santalinoides, Nauclea pobeguini etc.; savane boisee with Daniellia oliveri, Khaya senegalensis, Afzelia africana etc.; savane arboree/arbustive characterized by Parkia biglobosa, Vitellaria pardoxa, Pterocarpus erinaceus etc.; savane herbeuse with Andropogon gayanus, A. amplectens, A. subamplectens, Imperata cylindrica etc.; agroecosystems
  Location   10°50'N; 9°50'W
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   647,000
  Core area(s)   55,400
  Buffer zone(s)   364,100
  Transition area(s) when given   227,500
  Altitude (metres above sea level)   +300 to +600
  Year designated   2002
  Administrative authorities   Mr. Bakary Magassouba, Conservateur du Parc National du Haut Niger
  Brief description  
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   n.a.
  Biodiversity   n.a.
  Socio-economic   n.a.
  Integrated monitoring   n.a.
  Contact address   Saidou Condé
Programme AGIR (Direction Nationale des Eaux et Forêts)
BP 730

Last updated: 20/10/2007

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