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      Biosphere Reserve Information

Russian Federation


  General Description   This biosphere reserve is located about 550 km south of Moscow close to the Ukrainian border. Situated in the Pontian Steppe biogeographic region, the area comprises meadow steppes with a vast floristic diversity (up to 80 species per square meter). The Tsentral’nochernozemn Biosphere Reserve takes its name from its soil type, the so- called ‘chernozem’, which is a black and very fertile soil. Today, pristine steppe ecosystems are rare since all major steppe zones of Europe and America’s prairies have been transformed into agricultural land due to its high productive soil.
As an island in an intensively used agricultural landscape, the core area of the biosphere reserve protects one of the last remaining undisturbed steppes in Europe. In the buffer zone of the biosphere reserve, which includes some 20,000 people (1998), management plans regulate agriculture and restrict the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Around the biosphere reserve, intensive agriculture, iron ore mining and industrial production take place. Tourism and recreation within the biosphere reserve (about 3,000 national tourists per year, 1998) have still a great potential to contribute to the economic benefit of the local people.
  Major ecosystem type   Temperate grasslands
  Major habitats & land cover types   Meadow steppe with tree species such as oak (Quercus robur), maples (Acer platanoides and A. tataricum), lime (Tilia cordata), hazel (Corylus avellana), aspen (Populus tremula) and grasses such as Stipa pennata, S. capillata, Calamagrostis epigeios, Poa angustifolia, Bromopsis inermis and B. riparius; communities with ice age relict plant species such as Androsace kosopolyanskii, Bupleurum mulitnerve, Daphne juliae, Dendranthema zawadskii etc.
  Location   51°00'N; 36°40'E
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   16,567
  Core area(s)   6,287
  Buffer zone(s)   10,280
  Transition area(s) when given   Not defined
  Altitude (metres above sea level)   +230 to +263
  Year designated   1978
  Administrative authorities   Director of Tsentral’nochernozem Zapovednik, reporting to the Federal Committee on Natural Resources and Ecology
  Brief description   Soil formation, moisture and temperature, vegetation dynamics Appearance of new plant species
Destructive insects on oak
Long-term monitoring of birds
Monitoring of small mammals, amphibians and reptiles
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   Soil.
  Biodiversity   Amphibians, birds, invertebrates/insects/spiders, mammals, methodologies, pests/diseases, plants, reptiles, vegetation studies/plant cover.
  Socio-economic   n.a.
  Integrated monitoring   n.a.
  Contact address   A. A. Vlasov
Tsentral'nochernozemny Zapovednik
Kursk Region, Kurskiy District, Settlement Zapovedniy
Russian Federation
  Telephone   (7.471-2) 37 72 94
  Fax   (7.471-2) 37 72 94

Last updated: 01/03/2007

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