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      Biosphere Reserve Information



  General Description  
  Major ecosystem type   Mixed mountain and highland systems
  Major habitats & land cover types   Cold-desert; semi-desert; desert steppe; taiga; tundra; alpine mountain zones; salty marshes, sand dunes; flood plain forest; wetlands; salt lake
  Location   5231' to 5243'N, 9228' to 9248'E (Uvs Nuur unit)
4939' to 4951'N, 9119' to 9139'E (Turgen Uul unit)
4945' to 5029'N, 9423' to 9535'E (Altan Els unit)
5012' to 5023'N, 9024' to 9120'E (Tsaagan Shovod unit)
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   771,700
  Core area(s)   366,080 (Uvs Nuur unit: 338,840 (of which Uvs Nuur Lake: 335,000); Turgen Uul unit: 5,200; Altan Els unit: 16,800; and Tsaagan Shovod unit: 5,240)
  Buffer zone(s)   405,620 (Uvs Nuur unit: 88,160; Turgen Uul unit: 139,900; Altan Els unit: 160,800; and Tsaagan Shovod unit: 16,760)
  Transition area(s) when given   Undefined surrounding area
  Altitude (metres above sea level)   +759 to +3,966
  Year designated   1997
  Administrative authorities   Administration of Uvs Nuur Center (UNC)

Last updated: 10/12/2007

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