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  General Description   This biosphere reserve is situated on the edge of Thailand’s Khorat Plateau about 300 km north-east of Bangkok. It was created in 1977 around the Sakaerat Environmental Research Station (SERS), which was established in 1967 primarily as a site for research on dry evergreen and dry dipterocarp tropical forest. Other vegetation types in the biosphere reserve include bamboo forests, forest plantations and grasslands.

Some 5,300 people live within the biosphere reserves (1999) who are almost all Thai Buddhists. They make their living from crop plantations and growing paddy rice but also illegally use the forest for plant and mushroom gathering, hunting, and tree cutting. This has does have a detrimental effect on the forest but has been greatly reduced by community education and outreach programmes introduced since 2003. These include providing the local people with spores and seedlings from the forest with a commercial value and an education on farming practices, this allows them to harvest an income from there own land.

The station is run as a facility for ecological and environmental research. The station also runs a popular science camp for school children giving 7000 school children a year hands on experience and enjoyment from the forest. Sakaerat also provides facilities and training for seminars to groups of up to 130 people.
  Major ecosystem type   Tropical dry or deciduous forests (incl. monsoon forests)
  Major habitats & land cover types   Dry dipterocarp forest characterized by Shorea obtusa, Pentacme suavis; dry evergreen forests with Hopea ferrea, H. odorata (70%); Remaining areas are bamboo, plantation forests, and grasslands.
  Location   14°26' to 14°32'N; 101°50' to 101°57'E
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   82,100
  Core area(s)  
  Buffer zone(s)  
  Transition area(s) when given  
  Altitude (metres above sea level)   +250 to +762
  Year designated   1976
  Administrative authorities   Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR)

Last updated: 03/09/2009

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