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  General Description   Desnianskyi Biosphere Reserve located in middle stream of the Desna River (one of the biggest branches of the Dnipro River) in the Eastern Polesie Region and presents the basic landscape types of the east of the Polesie Lowland: rivers, lakes, floodplains, bogs, transition mires, fens, real, peaty and swampy grasslands, pine, broad-leaf and mixed forests, including floodplains. Alluvial-outwash plains occupy 60% of the reserve area, and 15% are terrace sand plains, which occupied by forests mainly. 20% of the reserve area are under floodplains and appr. 5% are moraine-outwash plains. The majority of agricultural lands are located between floodplains and a moraine-outwash plains, namely hayfields, pastures, etc. Low density of population within the biosphere reserve and on adjoining areas, absence of huge industrial centers in the region create the background for development of agriculture and forestry on the base of principles of rational use of natural resources with considerable part of traditional forms of nature use. Already now numbers of research, monitoring educational programs are realizing. National Nature Park "Desniansko-Starogutskyi", 3 small wildlife reserves (zakazniks) and 3 nature monuments, wetland of international importance "Desna River Floodplains" form the territory of the Reserve. On the north Desnianskyi Biosphere Reserve borders with the Russian biosphere reserve "Nerusso-Desnianskoe-Polesie", which in future it is planning to consolidate in transboundary biosphere reserve.
  Major ecosystem type   Rivers, floodplains, lakes, ponds, mesophyte and sweppe and swampy and peaty grasslands, carnivorous and mixed and broad-leaved and small-leaved forests, forest sands, forest mesotrophic and forest eutrophic and bush eutrophic and grassy eutrophic mires, pastures, arable and fallow lands, ecosystems of villages.
  Major habitats & land cover types   carnivorous forests (pine forests), mixed forests (pine-oak forests), broad-leaved forests (oak forest), small-leaved forest, alder forest, grassy mires, sphagnum mires, meadows, rivers and lakes, arable lands
  Location   52 10' - 52 20' north latitude; 33 25'- 33 55' east longitude
  Area (hectares)    
  Total   58,293
  Core area(s)   2,397.0
  Buffer zone(s)   13,155.8
  Transition area(s) when given   42,739.8
  Altitude (metres above sea level)   highest elevation - 163.0 m; lowest elevation - 122.0 m
  Year designated   2009
  Administrative authorities   National Nature Park "Desniansko-Starogutskyi"

Last updated: 12/08/2009

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