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      Biosphere Reserve Information



© Photo: Laura M. Torres
  Brief description   Climate monitoring
Biodiversity and perturbations
Vegetation inventory, resulting in two maps from 1970 and 1999
Plant-animal interactions
Bird ecology
Habitat selection of micro-mammals
Structure and dynamics of Prosopis flexuosa forest
Ecology of desert communities
Insect biodiversity
Sustainable development in an arid zone community
Mapping of the different zones of the biosphere reserve
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   Climate, habitat, monitoring/methodologies.
  Biodiversity   Arid/Semi-arid, biodiversity, birds, community studies/communities, ecology, fauna, forest systems, invertebrates/insects/spiders, mammals, perturbations/resilience/vulnerability, plants, population genetics/population dynamics, vegetation studies/plant cover.
  Socio-economic   n.a.
  Integrated monitoring   Mapping, planning and zoning measures/zonation, sustainable development/sustainable use.

Last updated: 07/03/2011

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