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photos, Guillaume Pech
  Brief description   Reconstructing Holocene environmental/climate changes using tree ring chronologies
Pollination ecology of Penstemon lyallii
Glacial lilies and native thistles
White pine blister rust in limber and whitebark pines
Wildlife population dynamics (Belly River wolf pack, elk, bull trout (Salvelinus malma))
Long-toed salamanders (Ambystoma macrodactylum)
Mountain lion / human interactions
User surveys for campground and backcountry trails
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   Climate.
  Biodiversity   Amphibians, ecology, evolutionary studies/palaeoecology/evolution, pests/diseases, plants, pollination, population genetics/population dynamics, wildlife.
  Socio-economic   Archaeology/Paleontology, people-nature relations/man/nature, tourism.
  Integrated monitoring   Environmental change, modelling.

Last updated: 26/02/2007

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