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      Biosphere Reserve Information



Photo: Wang Yanpeng
  Brief description   Meteorological monitoring
Giant panda population and concerned habitats
Breeding research of Giant panda in captivity
Mountain ecosystem monitoring
Study on the impact of the industry (water power generation),
agriculture and transportation on the environment
Human population
Tourism resources
Mapping of the different zones of the biosphere reserve
Developed fixed monitoring methods and survey forms
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   Habitat, meteorology, monitoring/methodologies.
  Biodiversity   Breeding/Reproduction, mammals, methodologies, mountain and highland systems, population genetics/population dynamics.
  Socio-economic   Agriculture/Production systems, energy production systems/alternative energy, industry, monitoring methodologies, social/socio-economic aspects, tourism, transport.
  Integrated monitoring   Impact and risk studies/Environmental impact, mapping, monitoring/methodologies, planning and zoning measures/zonation.

Last updated: 12/12/2007

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