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      Biosphere Reserve Information



Photo: Peng Wiaohui
  Brief description   Site for the Giant Panda habitat rehabilitation
Forest climate monitoring
Monitoring of water quality
Water bodies and landslide monitoring
Forest Insect Monitoring Station
Pests and diseases
Tourist economy
Mapping of the different zones of the biosphere reserve
Indicators of sustainability relevant to economic activities:
Cultivated lands suitable for trees will return to forests; business items will move outside the reserve; limitation of the number of tourists each year
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   Climate, geomorphology, habitat, hydrology, monitoring/methodologies.
  Biodiversity   Forest systems, invertebrates/insects/spiders, mammals, methodologies, pests/diseases, restoration/rehabilitation/redevelopment.
  Socio-economic   Economic studies, indicators of sustainability, tourism.
  Integrated monitoring   Mapping, planning and zoning measures/zonation.

Last updated: 12/12/2007

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