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      Biosphere Reserve Information

Russian Federation


Photo: Yu.F.Marin
  Brief description   Meteorological measurements, since 1880
Hydro-chemical data on Suliom River, since 1976
Microclimate data, since 1977
Data on maximum level of snowheight, since 1976
Snow pollution of heavy metals on a 0-40 km transect from copper fusing factory, since 1989
Experimental forest plots descriptions, since 1972 (periodic)
Descriptions of above-soil cover of forest plots, since 1972 (periodic)
Monitoring of plant phenology, since 1976
Inventory of invertebrate species (insects, molluscs, spiders etc.)
Inventory of vertebrate species (birds, mammals etc.)
Inventory of bryoflora
Inventory of lichens species
Inventory of vascular plants species
Inventory of fungi species
Floristic classification of woody vegetation (using the Brown-Blanke method) in the core area
Fungi productivity data, since 1984
Cadastre of rare species of plants and animals, 1997
Monitoring of population of rare and protected species
Data on seasons development
Invertebrates counts in soil traps, since 1989
Winter counts of game vertebrate species, since 1982
Complex bird counts on transects, since 1982
Counts of birds of the grouse family, since 1982
Small mammal counts, since 1982
Counts of soil invertebrates in soil plots, since 1990
Creation of databases in original informational system 'Biosystem' etc.
  Specific variables...    
  Abiotic   Climate, heavy metals, hydrology, meteorology, pollution, pollutants, soil.
  Biodiversity   Birds, fauna, flora, forest systems, freshwater/inland water, fungi, invertebrates/insects/spiders, lichens, mammals, methodologies, phenology, plants, productivity, rare/endangered/threatened species, species inventorying/inventory, taxonomy, vegetation studies/plant cover, wildlife.
  Socio-economic   Industry.
  Integrated monitoring   n.a.

Last updated: 01/03/2007

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