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Multiculturalism and Post-Communism,
Tradition and Democratic Processes Project

The Croatian 1996/97 MOST project Multiculturalism and Post-communism, Tradition and Democratic Processes was carried out as a four-fold study comprising the following sub-projects:

1.     Historical Framework for the breakdown of communism: problems of heritage in the process of re-establishment of democratic societies analyses changes in the Croatian society within the new historical and social framework of post-communism. One of the ongoing activities was a joint research, Social Transformations in Post-Communism and the Problem of Multiculturalism which aimed at the comparative analysis of changes in the interpretation of multiculturalism and was carried out in co-operation with the Institute for Post-Communist Society, Kiev, Ukraine. The outcome of the joint project was a meeting of experts from both sides organized in Kiev in June 1996 (project director: Mr Mislav Kukoc, Institute for Applied Social Research, Zagreb).

2.     South East European multicultural and multi-ethnic societies democratic changes and development prospects deals with the structure of the recently emerging multicultural and multi-ethnic societies and states that affect all areas of social and individual activities: governance, politics, economy, religion, education, culture, etc. (project director: Ms Nada Svob-Dokic, Institute for International Relations, Zagreb).

3.     Intercultural orientations and relations in education, media and business analyses relevance of different school programmes, media and other channels of communication and education for the development of intercultural understanding and communication (project director: Ms Zlata Godler, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb).

4.     Political changes, re-invention of tradition and transmission of multiculturalism following anthropological approaches and qualitative methodology, analyses the relation between tradition and democracy in the (re-)creation of identity markers of both cultural majority and cultural minority groups in Croatia (project director: Ms Vedrana Spajic-Vrkaš).

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