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Discussion and Policy Paper Series

Discussion Papers
Policy Papers

Discussion Paper Series

The MOST discussion papers series publishes contributions from specialists in the MOST research fields. These papers are prepared as part of the international scientific debate on these questions.

  1. Democracia y participación política de los pueblos indígenas en América Latina. Julio Ruiz Murrieta. (PDF format only; Spanish only)
  2. Ni Globalifílicos, ni globalifóbicos, sino globalicríticos. Jaime Preciado Coronado. (PDF format only; also available in English: Not "globaphiles" or "globaphobes", but "globacritics")
  3. Democracy, Civil Society and the South African Constitution: Some Challenges. Saras Jagwanth  (PDF format only; English only)
  4. Les métamorphoses d’une « société salariale » : genèse et enjeux de la crise sociale et institutionnelle contemporaine en Argentine Susana Peñalva, 2003.(PDF format only; French only)
  5. Language diversity in multicultural Europe Comparative perspectives on immigrant minority languages at home and at school. Guus Extra & Kutlay Yagmur, 2002. (PDF format only; English only) - See also: UNESCO Press release
  6. Education for Democratic Governance: Review of Learning Programmes. Carlos Santiso, 2002. (PDF format only; English only)
  7. La question Bamiléké pendant l’ouverture démocratique au Cameroun : retour d’un débat occulté. Dieudonné Zognong, 2002. (also available in PDF format; French only)
  8. Gobernanza y gobernabilidad democráticas en México. Mesa Redonda, 2002. (Spanish only)
  9. Democratising Global Governance: The Challenges of the World Social Forum. Francesca Beausang, 2002. (also available in PDF format; English only)
  10. Centro y regiones en México ante la gobernabilidad democrática local. Jaime Preciado Coronado, 2002. (PDF format only; Spanish only). Comentarios y reacciones.
  11. Industrial growth in small and medium towns and their vertical integration: The case of Gobindgarh, Punjab, India. Amitabh Kundu and Sutinder Bhatia, 2001. (also available in French (in PDF format))
  12. Governance, Civil Society and NGOs in Mozambique. Stefano Belluci, 2001. (PDF format only; English only)
  13. Coping under Stress in Fisheries Communities. Unnur Dis Skaptadottir, Jogvan Morkore, Larissa Riabova, 2001. (English only; forthcoming)
  14. Urban Development Projects: Neighbourhood, State and NGOs. Final Evaluation of the MOST Cities Project Denis Merklen, 2001. (PDF format only; also available in French)
  15. NGOs, Governance and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean Jorge Balbis, 2001. (also available in Spanish)
  16. The Logic of Globalisation: Tensions and Governability Gilberto Dupas, 2001. (English only)
  17. Keeping Away from the Leviathan: The Case of the Swedish Forest Commons Lars Carlsson, 2001. (English only)
  18. Managing cultural, ethnic and religious diversities on local, state and international levels in Central Europe: the case of Slovakia Dov Ronen, 2000. (English only)
  19. Quelques aspects du développement économique, social et politique aux Iles du Cap-Vert (1975-1999) Elisa Andrade, 2000. (French only)
  20. Urban Development, Infrastructure Financing and Emerging System of Governance in India: A Perspective Amitabh Kundu, 2000. (English only)
  21. El Crepúsculo del Estado-Nación Ariel Français, 2000. (Spanish only) 
  22. NGOs, Governance and Development in the Arab World Sarah Ben Néfissa, 2000. (also available in French)
  23. Coping with global economic, technological and environmental transformations: towards a research agenda Yoginder K. Alagh, 2000. (English only)
  24. The relationship between research and drug policy in the United States Laurent Laniel, 1999. (English only) 
  25. Impact économique et social de la culture du pavot sur la Communauté des Yanaconas au sein du Massif Colombien Thierry Colombié, 1999. (French only)
  26. Science, Economics and Democracy: Selected Issues Dominique Foray and Ali Kazancigil, 1999. (English only)
  27. Scientific Diasporas: A New Approach to the Brain Drain Jean-Baptiste Meyer and Mercy Brown, 1999. (English only)
  28. The comparative social science approach. Outline for a debate on methods and objectives based on three MOST projects carried out by international networks of researchers Cynthia Ghorra-Gobin, 1999. (also available in French)
  29. Geography of illicit drugs in the city of Sao Paolo. G. Mingardi, 1999 (available in PDF and Word format; English only)
  30. Socio-economic Transformations and the Drug Scene in India. Gabriel Britto and Molly Charles, 1999. (not available)
  31. Amérique latine : Les discours techniques et savants de la ville dans la politique urbaine H. Rivière d'Arc, J. Bitoun, M. S. Martins Bresciani, H. Caride, D. Hiernaux, A. Novick, S. Jatahy Pesavento, 1999. (French only) 
  32. Drug trafficking in Mexico: a first general assessment Luis Astorga, 1999. (English only)
  33. Violence related to illegal drugs, easy money and justice in Brazil: 1980-1995 Alba Zaluar, 1999. (English only)
  34. Cannabis in Lesotho: a preliminary survey Laurent Laniel, 1999. (English only)
  35. Gestion urbaine et participation des habitants : quels enjeux, quels résultats? Le cas de Yeumbeul, Sénégal Sylvaine Bulle, 1999. (French only)
  36. The participatory city: innovations in the European Union Voula Mega, 1999. (English only)
  37. Aspectos culturales de las migraciones en el Mercosur Alicia Szmukler B. and Fernando Calderón G., 1999. (Spanish only)
  38. Democratic governance in multicultural societies Matthias Koenig, 1999. (English only)
  39. Los historiados y la producción de fronteras: El caso de la provincia de Misiones (Argentina) Héctor Eduardo Jaquet, 1998. (Spanish only) 
  40. Una navegación incierta: Mercosur en Internet Anibal Ford, 1998. (Spanish only)
  41. Globalización, regiones y fronteras Roberto Abínzano, 1998. (Spanish only)
  42. La produccíon mediática de nacionalidad en la frontera: Un estudio de caso en Posadas (Argentina) - Encarnación (Paraguay) Alejandro Grimson, 1998 (Spanish only). 
  43. Chile y Mercosur : Hasta dónde queremos integrarnos? Carolina Stefoni and Claudio Fuentes, 1998. (Spanish only) 
  44. Género y Nación en el Mercosur Elizabeth Jelin, Teresa Valdés and Line Bareiro, 1998. (Spanish only)
  45. Cities unbound: the intercity network in the Asia-Pacific Region John Friedmann, 1998. (English only) 
  46. Financial Flows and Drug Trafficking in the Amazon Basin Lia Osório Machado, 1998. (also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese)
  47. Condition salariale et intervention de l’Etat à l’heure de la globalisation : l'Argentine dans le MERCOSUR Susana Peñalva, 1998. (also available in Spanish)
  48. Human Development: Problems and Foundations of an Economic Policy Siméon Fongang, 1997. (also available in French)
  49. HIV/AIDS and business in Africa: A socio-medical response to the economic impact? The case of Côte d’Ivoire Laurent Aventin and Pierre Huard, 1997. (also available in French
  50. Replicating Social Programmes: Approaches, strategies and conceptual issues Nico van Oudenhoven and Rekha Wazir, 1997. (also available in French
  51. Societies at risk? The Caribbean and Global Change, Norman Girvan, 1997. (English only) 
  52. The new social morphology of cities Guido Martinotti, 1996. (English only)
  53. Global transformations and coping strategies: a research agenda for the MOST Programme, Carlos R.S. Milani and Ali K. Dehlavi, 1996. (not available)
  54. The Information Technology Enabled Organization: A Major Social Transformation in the U.S.A. Thomas R. Gulledge and Ruth A. Haszko, 1996. (also available in French and in Spanish)
  55. Some Thematic and Strategic Priorities for Developing Research on Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Societies Juan Díez Medrano, 1996. (English only) 
  56. Public Policy and Ethnic Conflict Ralph R. Premdas, 1997. (English only)
  57. Urbanization and Urban Research in the Arab World Mostafa Kharoufi, 1996. (also available in French)
  58. Management and Mismanagement of Diversity : The case of ethnic conflict and State-building in the Arab World Saad Eddin Ibrahim, 1996. (also available in French)
  59. City Partnerships for Urban Innovation Francis Godard, 1996. (also available in French
  60. Coping locally and regionally with economic, technological and environmental transformations (Report of the Sub-regional meeting on the "Management of Social Transformations" Programme MOST, Tromso, Norway) Svein Jentoft, Nils Aarsaether and Abraham Hallenstvedt, No. 8, 1995. (also available in French, Spanish and in Russian (in PDF format))
  61. Reflections on the Challenges confronting Post-Apartheid South Africa Bernard Makhosezwe Magubane, 1995. (English only)
  62. Lo Global, Lo Local, Lo Hibrido Heinz R. Sonntag & Nelly Arenas, 1995. (Spanish only)
  63. Management of Multiculturalism and Multiethnicity in Latin America Diego A. Iturralde, 1995. (also available in French and in Spanish)
  64. Urban Research in Latin America, towards a Research Agenda Licia Valladares and Magda Prates Coelho, 1995. (also available in French and in Spanish
  65. Differentiating Between Growth Regimes and the Management of Social Reproduction Pascal Byé, 1995. (also available in French and in Spanish)
  66. Managing Social Transformation in Cities Céline Sachs-Jeantet, 1994. (also available in French and in Spanish)
  67. Multicultural and Multi-Ethnic Societies Henri Giordan, 1994. (also available in French and in Spanish)

Policy Paper Series

  1. Fight Urban Poverty: A general framework for action by Denis Merklen, 2001. (English only)
  2. Nouvelles configurations villes-campagnes  by Ricardo Abramovay and Ignacy Sachs, 1999. (French only)
  3. Sustainability: A Cross-Disciplinary Concept for Social Transformations  by Egon Becker, Thomas Jahn, Immanuel Stiess and Peter Wehling, 1997 (in PDF format). (English only)
  4. Démocratie et citoyenneté dans la ville du XXIème siècle  by Céline Sachs-Jeantet, 1997 (in PDF format; French only)
  5. Multiculturalism: New Policy Responses to Diversity  by Christine Inglis, 1996 (also available in French (in PDF format) and in Spanish (in PDF format)). 

  6. Cybernetics of Global Change: Human Dimension and Managing of Complexity  by M. Mesarovic, D. McGinnis and D. West, 1996. (English only)
  7. From Social Exclusion to Social Cohesion: a policy agenda  by Sophie Bessis - The Roskilde Symposium, March 2-4, 1995 (also available in French and in Spanish). 

  8. Searching for New Development Strategies - The Challenges of the Social Summit  by Ignacy Sachs, 1995 (available in French and in Spanish). 

The opinions expressed in these series are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UNESCO. 

The frontiers and boundaries on maps published in these series do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by UNESCO or the United Nations. 

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