Growing up in Canaansland: Children's recommendations on Improving a Squatter Camp Environment. A site report in the international UNESCO-MOST project, "Growing up in Cities", edited by Jill Swart-Kruger ISBN 0-7969-1907-0

This report about Canaansland can be read as a parable of South Africa and global society as a whole. National and international statistics show a steady drift toward increasing disparities between rich and poor, growing numbers of poor in many world regions, and deepening miseries at the bottom levels of society.

In seeking a solution to these problems the report documents the approach of meeting families halfway in their struggle to build a livable community and viable lives. It is a radical approach because it begins with the community's children and, through them, becomes a catalyst for the visions, plans and commitments of the adults in the community as well. It puts into action the principle contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child that children have a right to express their views on matters that affect their lives (Article 12), and the principle of the Habitat Agenda from the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements that it is important to make use of the insight, creativity and thoughts of children and youth in shaping our cities.

Louise Chawla
International Co-ordinator
Growing up in Cities

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