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Democratic governance in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society

Swiss - Kyrgyz Democracy Training Project

Project Assessment Matrix

Intervention Logic
Objectively verifiable indicators
Assumptions and risks
Overall objective - democratic management of ethnic diversity
- democratisation of political, legal, social institutions
- inter-ethnic co-operation
- strengthening civil society
increase of:
- participation/ representation of minorities in the political process, in public/ professional life
- community activism/ influence
- independent NGOs
- pluralism in the media
- flexibility of the political system/institutions
- government's willingness to continue transition to democracy
- absence of war
Project Purpose building institutional and intellectual capacities for managing a full transition to democracy, for establishing mechanisms of inter-ethnic co-operation institutes and trained participants assume influential roles and multiplier positions, initiate and implement policy improvements selected institutions/ participants retain their influential position in any future policy environment
Results provision of
- intensive training for 5-10 pol./social leaders;
- infrastructure for assistance with governmental, institutional, legal reforms
establishment of
- institutional partnerships (incl. permanent Swiss/ Kyrgyz contact persons)
- a UNESCO/MOST Chair;
- an academic exchange programme
- roundtable document and workplan
- training reports
- follow-up publication
- partnership agreements
- seminar papers
- policy recommendations
favourable policy environment helps to ensure theory- practice transition and sustainability
Activities 1. orientation mission of two to three Swiss experts (plus a MOST Secretariat member);
2. two day roundtable meeting in Kyrgyzstan;
3. ten day training mission to Switzerland;
4. one follow-up meeting in Kyrgyzstan
5. one semester of seminars at Kyrgyz universities
6. student/teacher exchanges (to be financed from extra-budgetary sources)

1. travel and subsistence allowances:
2-3 Swiss mission/roundtable participants;
2. technical:
facilitation of roundtable (20-30 participants);
3.a) travel and subsistence allowances: 5-10 Kyrgyz mission participants;
3.b) fees:
training session at a Swiss institute
4. technical:
facilitation of follow-up meeting, publications
5. infrastructural: UNESCO/ MOST Chair; improvement of facilities at one or more Kyrgyz universities
plus: co-ordinating, monitoring, mission expenses
participants/institutions open themselves to new insights/ influences

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