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East Timor

Constitution as adopted on 22 March 2002.

Section 13 (Official languages and national languages)

    1. Tetum and Portuguese shall be the official languages in the Democratic Republic of East Timor.
    2. Tetum and the other national languages shall be valued and developed by the State.

Section 16 (Universality and Equality)

    2. No one shall be discriminated against on grounds of colour, race, marital status, gender, ethnical origin, language, social or economic status, political or ideological convictions, religion, education and physical or mental condition.

Section 45 (Freedom of conscience, religion and worship)

    1. Every person is guaranteed the freedom of conscience, religion and worship and the religious denominations are separated from the State.
    2. No one shall be persecuted or discriminated against on the basis of his or her religious convictions.
    3. The right to be a conscientious objector shall be guaranteed in accordance with the law.
    4. Freedom to teach any religion in the framework of the respective religious denomination is guaranteed.

Section 159 (Working languages)

    Indonesian and English shall be working languages within civil service side by side with official languages as long as deemed necessary.

Note: The complete text of the constitution is available at http://www.easttimorelections.org/elections/2002/docs/confinal-en-170402.pdf


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