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Constitution as adopted 5 May 1993 at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Article 5

    (1) The State language of the Kyrgyz Republic shall be the Kyrgyz language.

    (2) The Kyrgyz Republic guarantees the preservation, equal and free development and functioning of the Russian language and all the other languages, used by the population of the Republic.

    (3) Infringement upon citizens' rights and freedoms based upon lack of knowledge or command of the State language is not allowed.

Article 15

    (3) All persons in the Kyrgyz Republic shall be equal before the law and the court. No one may be exposed to any discrimination, infringement of rights and freedoms, on the motives of origin, sex, race, nationality, language, creed, political and religious convictions or by any other public or personal conditions or circumstances.

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