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Document of the Moscow Meeting of the Conference on the Human Dimension of the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The Document of the Moscow Meeting of the Conference on the Human Dimension was adopted by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on 3 October 1991.
    23.1 The participating states will ensure that... (ii) anyone who is arrested will be informed promptly in a language which he understands of the reason for his arrest, and will be informed of any charges against him;
    28.7 The participating states will endeavour to refrain from making derogations from those obligations from which, according to international conventions to which they are parties, derogation is possible under a state of public emergency. Measures derogating from such obligations must be taken in strict conformity with the procedural requirements laid down in those instruments. Such measures will neither go further nor remain in force longer than strictly required by the exigencies of the situation; they are by nature exceptional and should be interpreted and applied with restraint. Such measures will not discriminate solely on the grounds of race, colour, sex, language, religion, social origin or of belonging to a minority.
    38. The participating states recognise the need to ensure that the rights of migrant workers and their families lawfully residing in the participating states are respected and underline their right to express freely their ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic characteristics. The exercise of such rights may be subject to such restrictions as are prescribed by law and are consistent with international standards.
    38.4 They recommend that the CSCE in its future work on the human dimension consider appropriate means to hold focused discussions on all issues regarding migrant workers, including inter alia, familiarisation with the language and social life of the country concerned.

The full text version of the Document of the Moscow Meeting can be found on the Internet site of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

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