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International Labour Organization Convention No. 107

The International Labour Organization Convention (No.107) Concerning the Protection and Integration of Indigenous and other Tribal and Semi-Tribal Populations in Independent Countries was signed 16 June 1957 and entered into force 2 June 1959. The Convention was closed to further ratifications in September 1991, when ILO Convention No. 169 entered into force. It will cease to be in force with respect to those states which ratify the latter.

Article 23

  1. Children belonging to the populations concerned shall be taught to read and write in their mother tongue or, where this is not practicable, in the language most commonly used by the group to which they belong.
  2. Provision shall be made for a progressive transition from the mother tongue or the vernacular language to the national language or to one of the official languages of the country.
  3. Appropriate measures shall, as far as possible, be taken to preserve the mother tongue or the vernacular language.

Article 26

Governments shall adopt measures, appropriate to the social and cultural characteristics of the populations concerned, to make known to them their rights and duties, especially in regard to labour and social welfare.

2. If necessary this shall be done by means of written translations and through the use of media of mass communication in the languages of these populations.

Note: For the complete text of this Convention as well as French and Spanish translations and information about ratification, see http://ilolex.ilo.ch:1567/cgi-lex/convde.pl?query=C107&query0=C107&submit=Display

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