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Statement of Workshop on Asia-Pacific Human Rights Education

Statement issued on 26 August 1996, Sydney, Australia, at workshop attended by human rights educators and representatives of human rights organisations in Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The participants at the Workshop of Asia-Pacific Human Rights Educators agreed upon the following principles and tasks:

    28. Human rights education programs. The Workshop applauds the efforts of human rights education programs and initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. However, there is an urgent need to strengthen existing capacities for human rights education, as well as to develop new capacities, at regional, national and local levels. During the Decade, there must be coordinated efforts to enhance the capacity of human rights education programs for:
      provision of public access to primary human rights documentation in relevant forms and languages;

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