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Constitution as adopted on 9 January 1987.

Article 11

    Spanish is the official language of the state. The languages of the communities on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua will also be official in the cases determined by law.

Article 27

    All persons are equal before the law and have the right to equal protection. There shall be no discrimination for reasons of birth, nationality, political belief, race, sex, language, opinions, origins, economic position or any other social condition.

Article 33 2. Any person detained has the right:

    (a) to be informed without delay, in a language he understands and in detail of the reasons for his detention and of the offence with which he is charged;

Article 90

    The Atlantic Coast communities have the right to the freedom of expression and to preserve their languages, art and culture. The development of their culture and values enriches the national culture. The state will set up special programmes for the exercise of these rights.

Article 91

    The state has the obligation of adopting laws that will ensure no Nicaraguan will be the victim of discrimination because of his language, culture or origin.

Article 121

    Access to education is free and equal for all Nicaraguans. Basic education is free and mandatory. Atlantic Coast communities will have in their region access to education in their mother tongue up to the levels determined by national plans and programmes.

Article 128

    The state protects the archaeological, historical, linguistic, cultural and artistic heritage of the nation.

Article 180

    ... The state also guaranties the preservation of their cultures and languages, religions and customs.

Article 197

    This Constitution shall be widely distributed in the official language of the country; it will also be distributed in the languages of the Atlantic Coast communities.

Note: The complete text of the Constitution of Nicaragua is available in Spanish through the Political Database of the Americas maintained by Georgetown University.

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