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Constitution as adopted on 28 June 1996.

Article 10

    The state language of Ukraine is the Ukrainian language.

    The State ensures the comprehensive development and functioning of the Ukrainian language in all spheres of social life throughout the entire territory of Ukraine.

    In Ukraine, the free development, use and protection of Russian, and other languages of national minorities of Ukraine, is guaranteed.

    The State promotes the learning of languages of international communication.

    The use of languages in Ukraine is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and is determined by law.

Article 53

    …Citizens who belong to national minorities are guaranteed in accordance with the law the right to receive instruction in their native language, or to study their native language in state and communal educational establishments and through national cultural societies.

Article 92

    The following are determined exclusively by the laws of Ukraine:
      (3) the rights of indigenous peoples and national minorities;
      (4) the procedure for the use of languages;

Article 103

    …A citizen of Ukraine who has attained the age of thirty-five, has the right to vote, has resided in Ukraine for the past ten years prior to the day of elections, and has command of the state language, may be elected as the President of Ukraine.

Article 138

    The competence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea comprises:
      (8) ensuring the operation and development of the state language and national languages and cultures in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; protection and use of historical monuments;

Article 148

    A citizen of Ukraine who has attained the age of forty on the day of appointment, has a higher legal education and professional experience of no less than ten years, has resided in Ukraine for the last twenty years, and has command of the state language, may be a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

Note: The complete text of the Constitution of the Ukraine is available in English on the Internet at the website of the Ukrainian Parliament.

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