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Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic Societies

    Ethnic and cultural diversity is a fact which can and should enrich social life in all parts of the world. One focus of research under MOST is on the nature of change in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies in which issues of education, culture and religion, identity and human needs, democratic governance, conflict and cohesion interact in complex patterns. These issues require interdisciplinary, comparative, and culturally sensitive research which may furnish information useful for the peaceful and democratic management of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies. 
    This research should help design policies that contribute to the goals of achieving equality of citizenship rights between ethnic groups and the avoidance and solution of ethnic conflict. 

MOST networks

  • APMRN Asia Pacific Migration Research Network 

  • Social and political aspects of international migration and growing ethnocultural diversity in the region 
    accepted by the Scientific Steering Committee
  • Ethno-net Africa : a network for comparative studies, monitoring and evaluation of ethnic conflicts 

  • accepted by the Scientific Steering Committee



  • 1999 Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference organised by The Australian Multicultural Foundation, in association with the European Multicultural Foundation and UNESCO, with the support of Multicultural Affairs Queensland and Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, London, England, 31 October 1999

MOST Journal on Multicultural Societies

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