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MOST Circumpolar Coping Processes Project 

MOST CCPP workshop November 2000 


15-19 November 2000 
Joensuu/Huhmari, Finland 
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This MOST CCPP workshop on "whether, how and why regional policies are working in concert with coping strategies locally" took place in Joensuu, Finland, 15-19 November 2000.

The call for papers addressing this theme was distributed within the MOST CCPP network, and a number of potential contributors were approached personally.

The workshop was arranged in a close cooperation between the Department of Geography at the University of Joensuu and the MOST CCPP secretariat at the University in Tromsø. The workshop was funded by the NORDIC ARTIC RESEARCH PROGRAMME (NARP) and due to our new Nordic project "Coping Strategies and Regional Policies - Social Capital in the Nordic Peripheries" by the NORDIC CENTRE FOR SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT (NORDREGIO).

The keynote lecture "Coping Strategies and regional Policies: The Intersection of Social Capital and Space" was presented and discussed at the University of Joensuu, while the other presentations took place at the Holiday Centre Huhmari, Polvijärvi, 30 km outside Joensuu. An excursion to the family farm "Martikainen" with a traditional finish lunch, and the Juuka municipality took place on Friday afternoon. In the Juuka municipality we visited the Soapstone exhibition of the Tulikivi company, were given a short introduction to the "The Learning Upper North Karelia" project and finally participated at a reception by the director of Juuka municipality (major) including a brief orientation about the "Local Development from the Municipality Viewpoint". On Sunday morning, at the museum "Carelicum" in Joensuu, an English speaking guide gave a brief overview of the history of the region "North Karelia". Additionally, a MOST CCPP steering committee meeting and a NORDREGIO project meeting were carried out under the workshop.

The 26 scientific papers from altogether 32 contributors were available in advance on the MOST CCPP homepage, and the frame for presentation was 20 min of oral presentations of the "main points", followed by 25 minutes of discussion that started with selected questions posed by an prepared discussant.

To sum up, during the workshop, the 35 participants from 11 different countries listened and discussed for more than 20 hours in audience during the four days we were gathered, not to talk about the informal discussions taking place beside the official programme. The papers and presentations were well prepared, and the opportunity to read the papers in advance on the web resulted in an even more interesting and focused discussion. The division of the papers in different thematic sessions resulted in an engaging discussion around the issues raised.

As a result of the workshop and the high quality of the presentations made, the MOST CCPP secretariat and the project coordinators have started the work to prepare a publication of selected presentations given during the Joensuu workshop in a book format. The comments, and the discussions during the workshop will be included in the revised version of the individual papers. The time frame for the publication will be its presentation under the MOST CCPP concluding conference, 6-10 June 2001, in Skibotn, Norway.

More detailed information can be found at http://www.uit.no/MostCCPP/.

Contact Information

    Dr. Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt 
    Associate professor and coordinator MOST CCPP 
    Department of Geography and International Development Studies 
    Roskilde University 
    Building 21.2 
    P.O. Box 260 
    DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark 
    Tel. + 45 46 74 21 55 
    Fax. + 45 46 74 30 31 
    E-mail: job@ruc.dk 

    Jochen Peters, research officer 
    IPL, SV-faculty 
    University of Tromsø 
    N-9037 Tromsø, Norway 
    Tel. + 47 77 64 55 21 
    Fax + 47 77 64 64 70 
    E-mail: jochen@sv.uit.no

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