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Tromsø 18 October 1996

UNESCO MOST Circumpolar Coping Processes Project (CCPP)
Coping locally and regionally with economic, technological and environmental transformations. A Northern circumpolar perspective.

At the MOST-project meeting held the 30.8 1996 at the University in Tromsø, the participants agreed to establish a secretariat to attend to the organization of the MOST Circumpolar Coping Processes Project. I am pleased to inform that it became possible to establish this secretariat, as UNESCO contributed $15.000 in seed money to a pilot project. We now have established the secretariat at the University in Tromsø, Department of Planning and Community Studies. The undersigned, Tabitha Wright Nielsen, cand.polit, has been employed as an academic secretary, and I will work with co-coordinator Professor Nils Aarsæther at The University in Tromsø. Any questions concerning the project can be addressed to the secretariat. The secretariat will from now on work to coordinate and administrate the core activities of the project. In that respect getting a survey of the academic resources that are available to the project in each country is important. It will therefore be very helpful if those who are new to the project network, or those who have not sent their CV, would send their CV and complete address.

The first job for the secretariat has been to apply for money from funds to manage the project. We have October the 12th got a positive response from NORA (Nordisk Atlantsamarbejde), from which we have received $ 15.000 for the pilot project. For 1997 we have applied NORFA (Nordisk Forskerutdanningsakademi) for 150.000 kr. to arrange a Symposium held at Roskilde University from the 3th to the 6th of April 1997, and a Workshop held in the Faeroe Islands from the 5 to the 8th of June 1997. Further information about these events will follow later. As the coordination of the project work is depending on money, we have sent applications to NORA and NOS-S (Nordisk samarbeidsnemd for samfunnsforskning) for funding over a three-years period. As to financing the research team an application has been made for a Russian researcher for a two-years scholarship at the University in Tromsø beginning from August 1997. At the University in Tromsø a Ph.D student will be employed from the beginning of 1997. In that respect we suggest that network partners in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Canada start the process of financing their Ph.D researchers, that we can establish the research team in August 1997.

As a basis for obtaining funds the enclosed project description can be used. Project network partners should contact their respective national UNESCO commissions to ensure support for grant proposals. Recommendation from the central MOST secretariat in Paris can also be enclosed. Please contact the secretariat in Tromsø if any help is needed to prepare applications for Ph.D researchers.

The coordinator of the MOST project, Assistant Professor Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt, Roskilde University, has prepared the project description, which was discussed at the meeting held in Tromsø.Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt has improved it according to the comments from Carlos Milani, who represented The UNESCO MOST program at the meeting, and the other participants. As UNESCO has decided to contribute with $ 500 to the production of a presentation leaflet, Carlos Milani is now taking care of its production, based on the project description. We will distribute the leaflet when it is available. Still, we would be very grateful for any comments to the enclosed project description.

Yours Sincerely,

Tabitha Wright Nielsen
Nils Aarsæther
University of Tromsø
Department of Planning and Community Studies
N-9037 Tromsø
Tel.: + 47 77 64 43 07
Fax: + 47 77 64 64 70
e-mail: tabithaw@isv.uit.no

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