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Tromsø 12 December 1996

UNESCO MOST Circumpolar Coping Processes Project (CCPP)
Coping locally and regionally with economic, technological and environmental transformations. A Northern circumpolar perspective.

Since Newsletter No.1 the secretariat has been working to organise and secure the activities of the project in 1997. Unfortunately the NOS-S (Nordisk samarbeidsnemd for samfunnsforskning) meeting in November did not come up with a grant for the CCPP. This means that we are still without substantial funding to coordinate and support the research teams in the nine areas. The Project coordinators have decided to apply for a NOS-S grant again in late 1997 to obtain funding for 1998 and the rest of the project period. For 1997 we will try to mobilize other sources to finance the coordination function, and we have applied for an extraordinary grant from the Norwegian Research Council (300.00 NOK).

NorFa (Nordisk Forskerutdanningsakademi) on the other hand gave a positive response to our applications. From NorFa we have received a total of 150.000 NOK to arrange the CCPP Symposium at Roskilde University from the 3th. to the 6th. of April 1997 and the CCPP Workshop at the Faeroe Islands from the 5th to the 8th of June 1997. We are also planning a user-oriented conference in Iceland in November 1997. We will apply to NORA (Nordisk Atlantsamarbeid) for money to finance this.

A researcher from the Faeroe Islands, Gestur Hovgaard is currently commissioned to work out a report on the Faeroe Islands and on the concept of coping. The report will be used as a background paper for the discussion of selecting case studies in each country involved. The paper will be presented at the symposium in Roskilde.


The final program for the Symposium is still not made, but the plan is to have three keynote lectures. We have invited Immanuel Wallerstein, Johan Galtung and Anthony Giddens. At the Symposium there will be daily workshops sessions in which the participants will have the possibility to present papers. A panel of senior researchers will comment the papers presented. For those who might be interested in presenting a paper we emphasise that a copy must be sent to the secretariat in Tromsø to be distributed before March the 7th 1997. We are aware that this is a very short time, but unfortunately we were not able to plan the symposium until sufficient funding was secured.

The papers presented should be based on the project description and should deal with problems related to one or more of the "Main Research Topics" in the project description.

According to these topics, there will be three different workshops within the themes of:

1) National resources: Institutional framework and community development.
2) Communication, socio-cultural processes and community differentiation.
3) The political integration of the periphery - national, transnational and regional.

The papers, which should be in English, must also address the concept of coping, the method of comparative case studies, or both. Finally the papers should deal with, and refer to, important research on the topic chosen, from the author's own country. It is important as we are working to get an overview of the relevant research in each country.

The symposium is open to members of the Steering Committe and researchers in the countries involved who are working with problems related to the research topics of the CCPP. Especially young researchers who are doing or planning to do a Ph.D are welcommed at the Symposium.

Further information about the symposium and a registration scheme will be distributed when we can present a detailed program. For those who are not at the mailinglist, please contact the secretariat in Tromsø: tabithaw@isv.uit.no. Participants must notice that one has to finance part of the costs of attending the symposium themselves. A system of reimbursement of costs will be worked out aiming at compensating mainly for Ph.D candidates and long distance travel costs.


In the following Newsletters we will report from CCPP activities in each of the participating countries. We would expect the research teams from each country to continuously report CCPP related activities to the secretariat in Tromsø.

If there are any questions about CCPP research activities and the research teams in the countries please contact the members of the CCPP Steering Committee in the country or the secretariat in Tromsø.

In Denmark they are working to obtain funding for Ph.D candidates in Denmark, Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Contact person and Coordinator of the CCPP is Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt : job@geo.ruc.dk.

Greenland is working to establish a group of researchers for the CCPP. Contact person and member of the CCPP Steering Committee is Ivar Jonsson: Fax: +299 24711 E-mail: Ilisimatusarfik@greennet.gl.

At the Faeroe Islands they are working to establish the research team. Contact person and member of the CCPP Steering Committee is Jógvan Mørkøre: jogvanm@sleipnir.fo

In Norway Anikken Førde is recommended to a Ph.D MOST Scholarship at the Department of Planning and Community Studies, University in Tromsø. Anikken Førde will begin her work in January 1997. Contact person and co-coordinator of the CCPP is Nils Aarsæther: nilsaa@isv.uit.no or CCPP project administrator Tabitha Wright Nielsen: tabithaw@isv.uit.no.

In Sweden Professor Ulf Wiberg from the Department of Geography, Umeä University has joined the project. Contact person and member of the CCPP Steering Committee is Bo Svensson: bo.svensson@sir.se.

In Finland they are working to establish the research team and obtain funding for a Ph.D candidate. Contact person and member of the CCPP Steering Committee in Finland is Martii Siisiainen: msiisiai@levi.urova.fi.

In Russia Larissa Riabova from the Institute of Economic Problems, Kola Science Centre, Apatiti has received a Scholarship from the Nordic Councils of Ministers, to study one month at the University in Tromsø in 1997. Contact person and member of the CCPP Steering Committee is Gennady Luzin: luzin@ksc-iep.murmansk.su

Canada is working to organise the research team and obtain funding for a Ph.D Candidate. Contact person and member of the CCPP Steering Committee is Richard Apostle: apostle@is.dal.ca.

In Iceland they are working to establish the research team. Contact person is Gestur Gudmonsson: Fax: + 354 562 32 10.

Tabitha Wright Nielsen
Project administrator

Nils Aaarsæther

Jórgen Ole Bærenholdt

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