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November 1998

MOST CCPP Management of Social Transformations, 
A Northern Circumpolar Coping Processes Project

New Member of steering Committee

We are happy to welcome Jens Kaalhauge Nielsen, Ph.D in Political Science, Ilisimatursafik, Nuuk as a new member of the MOST CCPP Steering Comittee. Kaalhauge Nielsens e-mail adress is: jkn.unigreen@greennet.gl
Ivar Jonsson, former member from Greenland, has moved to the Department of Human Work Sciences, University of Luleå, Sweden. His new e-mail address is: ivar.jonsson@arb.luth.se

Ph.D course in Ilulissat, Greenland

The MOST CCPP steering committee had decided to arrange a Ph.D course in Ilulissat, Greenland in the spring of 1999. The secretariat in Tromsø requested NORFA for fundings for this event, but unfortunately our request was turned down. We will continue to work for a MOST CCPP meeting in Greenland at a later point in time.

Conference in Apatity, Russia

The Institute for Economic Problems and the Kola Science Centre, with participation of the Department of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), are planning to organise an International Scientific Conference on “Global and Local Socio-Economic Processes in the North” in Apatity, March 1999.

Tentative topics for the workshops are the following:

    Session 1. Globalization, regionalization and local economies.
    Session 2. Processes of socio-economic transformation in the Russian North.
    Session 3. Living in communities and social changes in the North.
    Session 4. Innovation processes in the North.
MOST CCPP is also involved in this conference and we hope that as many researchers as possible will use this opportunity to visit Apatity and join the conference. MOST CCPP applies for fundings for travelling to the conference, and we will organize a Steering Comittee Planning meeting  in connection with the conference.

For more information please contact:

    Vladimir Didyk
    E-mail: root@ksc-iep.murmansk

    or Marit Aure
    E-mail: marita@sv.uit.no
    Phone: +47 77 64 42 85,
    Fax: +47 77 64 64 70

On Fundings

The national teams and the secretariat are working on financing MOST CCPP research, publications and meetings.

* From The Barents Euro-Artic Region, Barents Programme, we have received 42.000 NOK for fieldwork in Teriberka, Murmansk Region, Russia. The fieldwork is already being carried out by a Russian-Norwegian team consisting of Larissa Riabova and Marit Aure.

* The UNESCO-MOST Programme in cooperation with UNESCO "Environment and Development in Coastal Regions and in Small Islands" (CSI) have decided to support further development of the CCPP network. The University of Tromsø have signed a fee contract which provides MOST CCPP with an amount “not exceeding” USD 30.000,-. MOST CCPP will prepare and submit three pilot activities including the preparation of three scientific reports by October 1999. The three projects are:

    1. A project in the Cree Indian community of Chisasibi (Quebec) in co-operation with CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific research) and CSI.
    2. A comparative school essay project in all nine countries
    3. Comparative community studies in the Faroe Islands, Russia and Iceland, directed by Jogvan Moerkoere, Faroe Islands.
* MOST CCPP researchers from Faroe Islands, Greenland and Denmark are working on an application to the Danish Research Councils' programme on North Atlantic Research.

* The Norwegian team has sent an application to the Norwegian Research Councils (Programme on Regional Development). The application involves eight different projects, dealing with IKT (Information and communication technology) and regional development. The ownership structures of resource-based economic sectors, transregional development in the North of Russia and Norway, new forms of cooperation at the local level, and education and regional development. In addition, a book project on women and migration, and an arena-building project have been submitted.

* We are sorry that our application to NOS-S, Joint Committee of Nordic Social Science Research Councils on Restructuring and local coping processes in the North, including a "schoolessay-project", did not recive any support.

In progress...

* Coordinator Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt, RUC will participate in a UNESCO CSI workshop, Paris November 1998. He will inform about CCPP's experiences and present a paper. We hope this will strengthen our relations with UNESCO, Paris.

* Per-Ake Nilsen, Bornholm and Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt take part in a workgroup on Regional Strategies in a cooperation process between Roskilde University, Research Centre of Bornholm and Copenhagen Business School to form an application of establishment of the Danish Centre for  Tourism and Destination Research, headed by Professor Wolfgang Framke, RUC.

An invitation...

We invite all of you to use the list to inform about local activities, cooperation processes and other issues of interest! Please send your message to : most-ccpp@list.sv.uit.no.

    Best Regards

    Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt Coordinator
    Nils Aarsæther co-coordinator
    Marit Aure administrator

MOST Circumpolar Coping Processes Project
Institute of Planning and Community Studies
Faculty of Social Science
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Tel: +47 77 64 42 85
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