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Dear friends and members of the MOST Circumpolar Coping Processes Project,

A brief, but hopefully informative newsletter from the MOST CCPP secretariat. First and foremost I would like to use the opportunity to express my grateful thanks to all of you in the MOST CCPP network. Since I started in January in my position as Research Officer, it had been inspiring and engaging to work with you, and I look forward to co-operate with each of you in the future as well. And simultaneously, a happy holiday for each of you, and on behalf of the project, all the best wishes for the New Year, jochen


15.-19. November 2000 the MOST CCPP arranged in close co-operation with the Department of Geography at the University of Joensuu, Finland the workshop: "WHETHER, HOW AND WHY REGIONAL POLICIES ARE WORKING IN CONCERT WITH COPING STRATEGIES LOCALLY". During the four days of the workshop 35 participants discussed a total of 26 presentations from 32 contributors. And, according to the discussions and the feedback from the participants, the workshop once again showed the vitality and the relevance of our research network. More information at http://www.uit.no/MostCCPP/


As announced in earlier newsletters, the STORFJORD CONFERENCE of the MOST CCPP will take place 6. 10. June 2001 at the municipality of Storfjord, close to Tromsø, Norway. The conference will follow up the 1998 user conference at Isafjørdur, Iceland, and users from all the MOST CCPP localities together with the researchers will discuss/evaluate their experience with the work of the MOST CCPP network. In many ways this conference will finalise and conclude phase I of the MOST CCPP project. Please, mark the date in your calendar. More information at http://www.uit.no/MostCCPP/


As already indicated above, the phase I of the MOST CCPP project (1995-2000) will be discussed and evaluated by users and researchers at the STORDFJORD CONFERENCE 6.-10. June 2001 (see above). An application to the Joint Committee of the Nordic Social Science Research Council (NOS-S) to finance the MOST CCPP project for a phase II was turned down, but a new application will be submitted in January 2001. So far we have raised means from other sources to finance the MOST CCPP secretariat at the University of Tromsø (full time Research Officer) also for the year 2001, but a more permanent financial situation would make the work much easier and give time for work with the MOST CCPP network partners.

MOST CCPP website

I am pleased to announce that the new website for MOST CCPP is now publicly accessible. The website address is: http://www.uit.no/MostCCPP/.
Simultaneously, we consider the MOST CCPP homepage at the MOST Clearing House website http://www.unesco.org/most/p91.htm at the UNESCO server as important for the work of the MOST CCPP project.


Related to travelling and Christmas Holidays, the MOST CCPP secretariat will not be staffed in the period 14.12.2000 1.01.2001. For any questions during this period, please get in touch with Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt, e-mail: job@ruc.dk or Nils Aarsæther, e-mail: nilsaa@sv.uit.no

    with our best wishes
    Jørgen Ole Bæarenholdt, project coordinator
    Nils Aarsæther, project co-coordinator
    Jochen Peters, Researdh Officer

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