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Circumpolar Coping Processes Project (CCPP)



Last week (october 1999), social scientists from 8 Circumpolar countries met in Roskilde to analyse how young people evaluate the places in which they live. A total of 384 young people from localities in Canada, Russia, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Northern Norway, Finland and Sweden have written essays and answered questions about their home places, and the picture they draw has some highly interesting elements. The discussion on the future of the many small settlements in the North will definitely be enriched when the data collected in this study is fully analysed.

The central research question has been what qualities young people see in their home places - as they have been asked to mention both positive and negative aspects, as well as suggestions on what can be done to improve local conditions.

A groups of researchers within the UNESCO project "Circumpolar Coping Processes", administered from the University of Tromsoe, and with Jørgen Ole Baerenholdt from Roskilde University as coordinator, has been conducting this study. A close collaboration with teachers and schools in Chisasibi, Digby Neck, Vagur, Isafjordur, Pajala, Storuman, Gotland, Inari, Storfjord, Båtsfjord, and Teriberka has made this study possible. By posing the same questions to young people in very different localities, the possibilities of comparing are especially promising. The first report from this project will be submitted to the UNESCO in Paris by November 1999.

For more information about this project, e-mail to coordinator job@ruc.dk, or to advisor Jochen Peters: jochen@sv.uit.no, phone (+47) 776 44285.

from left to right: Lena Suopajärvi, Finland-Ivalo/Inari, Marit Aure research officer, Unnur Dis Skaptadottir, Isafjordur Iceland, Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt coordinator, Larissa Riabova, Russ-Teriberka, John David Flint, Canada- Digby Neck, Kerstin Hägg, Sweeden-Pajala, Storrumman, (also Gotland inkl.Fårøsund), Nils Aarsæther co-koordinator, Gestur Hovgaard Færøyene-Klaksvik, Cato Bjørndal, Michael Haldrup DK, Bjarni Mortensen, Færøyene

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