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Commemorating Paul-Marc Henry
Re-thinking development: do we need a paradigm shift?
UNESCO, 30 November 1998

Paul-Marc HENRY
Ambassador of France


Ph.D. in Political Economy, Sorbonne (Professor Perroux)
Former student at ENA (Ecole Nationale d´Administration, National School of Administration) (Croix de Lorraine)
Auditor Sciences Politiques (Political Science)
National School of France´s overseas territories
Ambassador of France (dignitary)
Officer of the Legion of Honor
Officier of Ordre du Mérite
Commandeur de l´ordre du Christ, Portugal
Grand Cordon de l´Ordre du Cèdre du Liban

Other foreign decorations

  • Member of the Science Academy of the Overseas territories
  • Doctor of Honoris Causa of the Science Academy in Romania (1996)
  • Honorary member of the Romanian Academy
  • Vice-President of the Academy of the Black Sea
  • Secretary, United Nations Mission for the Middle East ( UNWRA) 1949-1952
  • Secretary-General, Commission of Technical Cooperation in Africa, African Scientific Council (CCTA/CSA) 1952 -1958
  • Director, Technical Cooperation, Quai d´Orsay 1958-1960
  • Director of Operations and then Deputy Administrator for United Nations Development Programme, 1961-1971
  • Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in charge of Mission to Oriental Pakistan and to Bangladesh, 1971-1972
  • President, Development Center, OECD 1972-1977
  • President and Secretary-General of the International Society for Development 1972-1980
  • President of IRFED (Institut International de Recheche, Formation, Education et Développement) 1979-1990
  • Ambassador of France to Lebanon 1981-1983
  • President of the ONI (National Office of Immigration) 1984
  • President of CFCF (French Committee Against Hunger) 1982-1988
  • President, French Association of Risk Analysis 1986-1990
  • President of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Decade of Cultural Development since 1991
  • President of the Interministerial Committee for Agriculture (FAO) since 1985
  • President of the Academy of the United Nations European Centre for Peace and Development (Head office in Belgrade)
  • President of the Association for the Foundation for Mediterranean Cities
  • President of Euroskopia-Ciad (NGO in Development, Brussels, Paris)
Work published:

"Africa Aeterna" (in English),
"The strength of the weak" (1975)
"The gardeners of hell" (Ed. Orban) Litterature Prize from l´Amitié Franco-Arabe (1984)
"The empire of limits", a work of philosophical and geopolitical reflection on the future world

...and two publications on.......dogs and fidelity ( in English, illustrations by Peter Ustinov)

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