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Research Projects

Tinka Ewoldt-Leicher and Arnaud Marks

Copyright © 1995 SWIDOC/KNAW

This publication is a result of cooperation between the International Committee for Social Science Information and Documentation, ICSSD, the research programme Comparative Research on Poverty, CROP, of the International Social Science Council, ISSC, and the International Development Research Network, IDIN.

The ICSSD is a committee that was established on the initiative of UNESCO. It is a non-governmental organisation that holds consultative status with UNESCO's Division for the Social and Human Sciences/Social Research Policy. The ICSSD is an associate member of the ISSC. The committee is a policy-making body, promoting international, regional networking, professionalisation, information provision, documentary services and bibliography. Its membership reflects its multi-disciplinary and global concerns. Under its auspices the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences is published annually.

CROP is a research programme of the ISSC. Its objectives are the establishment of an arena for interdisciplinary and comparative research on poverty in the developed and in the less privileged countries and laying the foundation for long-term future poverty research. Its organisation is characterised by working groups. Recently CROP conducted a series of state of the art reviews of poverty research on a regional basis. It has also organised a number of workshops and seminars related to its research theme. CROP also promotes the documentation of existing research and data sources in its field of interest.

IDIN is a cooperative network of five regional associations of development research and training institutes. The member associations are the Association of Development Research and Training Institutes of Asia and the Pacific ADIPA, the Association of Arab Research Institutes and Centres for Economic and Social Development, AICARDES, the Latin America Social Science Council, CLACSO, the Council for the Development of Economic and Social Research in Africa, CODESRIA, and the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, EADI.
The partners in the network collect and process information on research and training relating to economic and social development. The collection and computerisation of data is handled at the regional level. The purpose of the project is to exchange this information in order to improve the flow of information on social science research and training and to foster regional and interregional cooperation ('South-South' and 'North-South') in support of the development process.

In addition to the data from the CROP database, data has been derived from the IDIN worldwide global database of research projects. From the IDIN database 295 project descriptions have been selected, while the CROP database contributed 142 projects, making a total of 437 project descriptions.
Part one covers the IDIN projects and the related indexes of researchers, keywords, countries and institutes. Part two contains the projects from the CROP database with similar indexes.

Contact addresses

International Development Information Network

c/o Development Research Institute
Tilburg University
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

Mrs. Tinka Ewoldt-Leicher
Tel: +31 13 662576/662264
Fax: +31 13 663015
E-mail: ewoldt@kub.nl

Comparative Research on Poverty

c/o Health and Social Policy Studies
University of Bergen
Fastings Minde
N-5027 Bergen

Prof. Dr. Else Øyen
Tel: +47 5 212334/212456/213050
Fax: +47 5 230749

International Committee for
Social Science Information and Documentation

c/o Social Science Information and Documentation Centra, SWIDOC
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
410-412 Herengracht
1017 BX Amsterdam

Dr. Arnaud Marks
Tel: +31 20 462 8675 / 462 8600
Fax: +31 20 663 9257
E-mail: afmarks1@gironet.nl

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