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1999 Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference

The Second Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference

31 October 1999

A report of the conference can be found at the website of the Australian Multicultural Foundation

The 1999 Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference has been organised by The Australian Multicultural Foundation, in association with the European Multicultural Foundation and UNESCO, with the support of Multicultural Affairs Queensland and Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.


Wherever we live in the world, religion and cultural diversity characterise modern experience. Rapid transportation and telecommunications, coupled with the international movement of people, have effectively made the globe our local community. Whether we embrace this change or view it with suspicion, it is inevitable. It is a feature of modern life.

The 1999 Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference provided a forum for exchanging views and experiences on living in harmony with religious and cultural diversity. It has been an opportunity to listen and learn from each others' experiences, and to address issues of social cohesion, tolerance and policy making in religiously diverse societies.


Issues that were addressed included: Global challenges and local responsibilities; Building cohesion in religiously diverse societies; Cultural diversity, religion and the modern state; Public policy and religious diversity; Religious vilification, discrimination and liberty; Search for a common ethic and asserting shared values; Future issues on governing for religion and cultural diversity in a global context.


  • to facilitate the exchange between people of different countries of ideas and information about religious and cultural diversity, and what it means for public policy;
  • to explore ways in which policy makers, communities and nations can nurture social cohesion and the benefits of diversity;
  • to explore ways in which existing structures and networks can be strengthened so as to exchange advice and ideas about best prectice and outstanding issues;
  • to evaluate some of the outcomes of the 1997 Religion and Cultural Diversity Conference held in Melbourne.


  • Prominent religious leaders from a diverse range of religions
  • Academics
  • Government representatives
  • Representatives of organisations such as The Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF), European Multicultural Foundation (EMF), UNESCO, Commission for Racial Equality, World Faiths Development Dialogue, Queensland Multicultural Affairs


European Multicultural Foundation
5 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7XW
Telephone: +44 171-928 9889
Fax: +44 127-722 9946
e-mail: cio@gn.apcorg

Australian Multicultural Foundation
185 Faraday Street
Carlton 3053 Victoria Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9347 6622
Fax: +61 3 9347 2218
e-mail: amfound@swanreach.com.au

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