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The following annotated list of selected links provides access to databases, networks, bibliographies, and further information relevant to the study of democratic governance in multireligious societies, especially in the areas of: 
  1. General Legal Information
  2. Freedom of Religion or Belief and
  3. Interfaith Activities and Organisations.
1. General Legal Information 
  • Constitution Finder: The Constitution Finder at the University of Richmond (USA) provides access to a large selection of national constitutions.
  • Constitutions of the World: This website provides an overview on constitutional law, including original documents as well as a useful list of further links.
  • Human & Constitutional Rights: This metasite, hosted at Columbia University (USA) is an excellent resource for finding material on human rights in both international and constitutional law. 
  • Human Rights Library: The University of Minnesota (USA) Human Rights Library provides general information on human rights issues throughout the world.
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: This site contains comprehensive information on UN human rights instruments, including a collection of all relevant legal documents.
2. Freedom of Religion or Belief  3. Interfaith Activities and Organisations 
  • International Interfaith Centre (IIC): The IIC, inaugurated in Oxford (UK) in 1993, functions as a Clearing House for interfaith activities around the world and aims at encouraging continuing interfaith understanding and cooperation.
  • Interreligious Co-ordinating Council in Israel (ICCI): The ICCI is an umbrella organization for institutions and individuals in Israel promoting interreligious and intercultural understanding. As a coordinating body, the ICCI strives to strengthen and broaden good relations among different faith communities in Israel.
  • MultiFaithNet: MultiFaithNet, hosted by the University of Derby (UK), is an interactive website desigend to promote knowledge, information and dialogue in religion to, among, and between religious groups and those with an interest in their activities.
  • North American Interfaith Network: The NAINetwork, a non-profit association with a membership of more than 60 interfaith organizations and agencies throughout Canada and the United States, provides a forum for interfaith communication.
  • Pluralism Project: The Pluralism Project, developed at Harvard University (USA), is aimed at studying and documenting the expanding religious diversity, predominantly in the US. Its website contains an abundance of information resources germane to the study of religion.

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