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Angola - Constitution

Adopted by the People's Assembly on: 25 Aug 1992
Official Title: Constitutional Law Of The Republic Of Angola
Article 8 [] 
(1) The Republic of Angola shall be a secular State, and there shall be separation between the State and churches.
(2) Religions shall be respected and the State shall protect churches and places and objects of worship, provided they abide by the laws of the State.
Article 18 [] 
(1) All citizens shall be equal under the law and shall enjoy the same rights and be subject to the same duties, without distinction as to color, race, ethnic group, sex, place of birth, religion, ideology, level of education or economic or social status. 
(2) All acts aimed at jeopardizing social harmony or creating discrimination or privileges based on those factors shall be severely punishable by law.
Article 45 [] 
Freedom of conscience and belief shall be inviolable. The Angolan State shall recognize freedom of worship and guarantee its exercise, provided it does not conflict with public order and the national interest.
Article 52 [] 
(1) The exercise of the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens may be restricted or suspended only in accordance with the law if such constitute a threat to public order, community interests, individual rights, freedoms and guarantees, or in the event of the declaration, a state of siege or emergency, and such restrictions shall always be limited to necessary and adequate measures to maintain public order, in the interest of the community and the restoration of constitutional normality. 
(2) On no account shall the declaration of a state of siege or state of emergency affect the right to life, personal integrity, personal identity, civil capacity, citizenship, the non-retroactive nature of penal law, the right of the accused to defense or freedom of conscience and religion. 
(3) A state of siege and state of emergency shall be regulated by a specific law.  
Article 159 [] 
Amendments to and approval of the Constitution of Angola shall comply with the following: 
(e) The secular nature of the State and the principle of separation between the State and churches.
Note: Further information on the constitutional background of Angola is provided by the International Constitutional Law Project at the University of Wuerzburg. 

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