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Bahrain - Constitution

Adopted on: 26 May 1973 (Document Status: 6 Dec 1973)
Official Title: Constitution of the State of Bahrain

Article 2 [] 

Islam shall be the religion of the State; Islamic Sharia (Islamic Law) a main source of legislation; and Arabic the official language.
Article 5 [] 
(a) The family is the corner-stone of society and its strength lies in religion, morality and patriotism. The law shall preserve its legal integrity and strengthen its bonds and values, and shall protect motherhood and childhood within the family. The law shall also protect the young and defend them against exploitation and moral, physical and spiritual neglect. The State shall take particular care of the physical, mental and moral growth of youth. 
Article 7 [] 
(b) The law shall regulate the various aspects of religious education and attention also be given to the strengthening of the citizen's personality and pride in his Arab Nationalism. 
Article 18 [] 
People are equal in human dignity, and citizens shall be equal in public rights and duties before the law, without discrimination as to race, origin, language, religion or belief.
Article 22 [] 
Freedom of conscience is absolute. The State shall guarantee the inviolability of places of worship and the freedom to perform religious rites and to hold religious processions and meetings in accordance with the customs observed in the country.
Note: Further information on the constitutional background of Bahrain is provided by the International Constitutional Law Project at the University of Wuerzburg. 

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