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Cambodia - Constitution

Adopted: 21 Sep 1993

Article 4 [Motto] 

The motto of the Kingdom of Cambodia is: "Nation, Religion, King".
Article 16 [Functions of the Queen] 
(2) The Queen of the Kingdom of Cambodia shall exercise activities that serves the social, humanitarian, religious interests, and shall assist the King with protocol and diplomatic functions.
Article 31 [Human Rights, Equality, Restrictions] 
(2) Every Khmer citizen is equal before the law, enjoying the same rights and freedom and fulfilling the same obligations regardless of race, colour, sex, language, religious belief, political tendency, birth origin, social status, wealth or other status.
Article 43 [Religion] 
(1) Khmer citizens of either sex enjoy the freedom of belief. 
(2) Freedom of religious belief and worship is guaranteed by the State on the condition that such freedom does not affect other religious beliefs or violate public order and security. 
(3) Buddhism is the State religion.
Note: Further information on the constitutional background of Cambodia is provided by the International Constitutional Law Project at the University of Wuerzburg. 

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