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Madagascar - Constitution

Adopted on: 19 Aug 1992

Article 8 [Citizen Equality, No Discrimination] 

(2) The State shall prohibit all discrimination based on sex, education, wealth, origin, race, religion, or opinion.
Article 10 [Expression, Association, Assembly, Move, Religion] 
Freedom of opinion and expression, communication, press, association, assembly, travel, conscience, and religion shall be guaranteed to all and may be limited only in respect of the rights and liberties of others and of the necessity to safeguard public order. 
Article 14 [Association, Political Parties]
(1) Citizens may organize freely without prior authorization in associations and political parties; however, associations or political parties which preach totalitarianism or segregation of an ethnic, tribal, or religious nature are forbidden.
Article 28 [Workers' Equality]
No one may suffer injury in his employment because of sex, age, religion, opinion, origin, or political conviction.
Article 77 [Election, Appointment, Nomination, Incompatibility]
(1) Two-thirds of the Senate shall consist of an equal number of members elected in each electoral district by elected representatives of the territorial entities, and one-third shall consist of members representing economic, social, cultural, and religious groups appointed by the President of the Republic upon nomination by legally constituted organizations and groups.
Note: Further information on the constitutional background of Madagascar is provided by the International Constitutional Law Project at the University of Wuerzburg. 

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