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Mongolia - Constitution

Adopted on: 13 Jan 1992 (Document Status: 12 Feb 1992)

Article 9 [Church]

(1) The State shall respect the Church and the Church shall honor the State.
(2) State institutions may not engage in religious activities and the Church may not pursue political activities.
(3) The relationship between the State and the Church is regulated by law.
Article 14 [Equality, Right to Personality]
(2) No person may be discriminated on the basis of ethnic origin, language, race, age, sex, social origin or status, property, occupation or post, religion, opinion, or education. Everyone is a person before the law.
Article 16 [Citizen's Rights]
The citizens of Mongolia are enjoying the following rights and freedoms:
15) Freedom of conscience and religion.
Article 19 [Responsibility, Restrictions]
(2) In case of a state of emergency or war, the human rights and freedoms as defined by the Constitution and other laws are subject to limitation only by a law. Such a law may not affect the right to life, the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, as well as the right not to be subjected to torture or inhuman and cruel treatment.
Note: Further information on the constitutional background of Mongolia is provided by the International Constitutional Law Project at the University of Wuerzburg. 

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