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Spain - Constitution

Document Status: 29 Dec 1978

Article 14 [Equality] 

Spaniards are equal before the law, without any discrimination for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.
Article 16 [Religion, Belief, No State Church] 
(1) Freedom of ideology, religion, and cult of individuals and communities is guaranteed without any limitation in their demonstrations other than that which is necessary for the maintenance of public order protected by law. 
(2) No one may be obliged to make a declaration on his ideology, religion, or beliefs. 
(3) No religion shall have a state character. The public powers shall take into account the religious beliefs of Spanish society and maintain the appropriate relations of cooperation, with the Catholic Church and other denominations.
Article 27 [Education] 
(3) The public authorities guarantee the right which will assist parents to have their children receive the religious and moral formation which is in keeping with their own convictions.
Note: Further information on the constitutional background of Spain is provided by the International Constitutional Law Project at the University of Wuerzburg. 

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