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Quartiers en Crise

Keyword: Community Participation & Urban Governance


Quartiers en Crise is a network of towns promoting the integrated approach to the revitalisation of disadvantaged areas, with the involvement of politicians, technicians and local residents in that process.


Its objectives are 'to further ... local and national policies and initiatives for the regeneration of neighbourhoods in crisis, in particular through the promotion and dissemination, in cities, regions, States and the European Commission, of methodologies for integrated urban social development'.


The network organises exchanges of experience and information between its members.

It also co-ordinates a number of European transnational projects involving its members: following the successful three year LIA project (Local Integration/Partnership Action), the network co-ordinated the project 'Changing the culture of the organisation' in 2000. It is currently co-ordinating two more projects: 'Training for partnership against discrimination' and 'Acting locally for employment', which is a transnational project aimed to capture and disseminate examples of good practice concerning the creation of employment initiatives as part of an integrated approach to the revitalisation of disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Quartiers en Crise is also partner in a Leonardo project developing new skills in low income areas, co-ordinated by Losfor, a French housing organisation, and a project on 'Setting Standards for a Social Europe, a multi-dimensional approach to combating social exclusion', with the European Social Network, a network of directors of social services.

The network issues a monthly Newssheet covering internal and external issues of interest to its members.

European policy

As both urban and social inclusion issues are gaining importance within the European Union, Quartiers en Crise is well situated to build on existing policies and to insist that evolving policies and funding are targeted at the neighbourhoods in Europe with the greatest need. It can also offer technical assistance to members from its extensive knowledge of urban practices and policies.


The current members of the network are:

Anderlecht (B)
Belfast (UK)
Chalon-sur-Saône (F)
Charleroi (B)
Cosenza (I)
Lisbon (P)
Lyon (F)
Naples (I)
Rotterdam (NL)
Roubaix (F)
Sabadell (E)
Southwark (UK)
Starogard Gdansk (Pol)
Toledo (E)
Turin (I)
Val d'Oise (F)
Vantaa (Fi)
Venice (I)

Executive Bureau
President: Lionel Martijn, Alderman, City of Rotterdam - Charlois district (NL), Vice-President: Alain Perdreau, Vice Président Communauté d'Agglomération Chalon Val de Bourgogne (F), Secretary: Luisa Avedano, Turin (I), Treasurer: Noel Rooney, Belfast (UK), observer members: Michel Wilgaut, Charleroi(B)


Quartiers en Crise,
Rue Ropsy Chaudron, 7,
B 1070-Brussels,
Tel 0032 2 5244545,
Fax 00 32 2 5244431,

More information can be found on the website of Quarties en crise:

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