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Malawi National Commission for UNESCO
Informations générales
Nom anglaisMalawi National Commission for UNESCO
Nom françaisCommission nationale du Malawi pour l'UNESCO

CHAM Secretariat Building, Area 14
P.O. Box 30278
Capital City
Lilongwe 3

Téléphone265 111 774 043/044
Fax(265 1) 755 134
Courrielmnatcomunesco@mtlonline.mw; dmulera.mnatcomunesco@mtlonline.mw; dmulera@yahoo.com;
Langue de correspondanceENGLISH
NomDr Emmanuel Fabiano
Date d'élection6/2018
Durée du mandat
DébutDécembre 2014

NomMr Emmanuel B Z Kondowe
TitreActing Secretary-General
DébutNovembre 2016

NomDavid Mc. W. J. Mulera
TitreActing Deputy Secretary-General
DébutNovembre 2016

Date et modalités de créationOn 1 June 1979 by a General Order of the Council of Ministers
Ministère de tutelleaffiliated with the Ministry of Education
Dates de la législationLe texte juridique a été accepté01/01/1979 et révisé pour la dernière fois le
LégislationThe National Commission was officially established by a General Order approved by the Council of Ministers in 1979 although the country has been involved in, and benefited from, UNESCO activities since 1964 when it attained independence.
The Commission has a Constitution specifying its organization, duties and powers. This Constitution was amended in 1993 and 1995.
Centre de documentationThe Documentation Centre of the National Commission holds some 5000 publications, most of them being issued by UNESCO or the National Commission. The Centre is extensively used by scholars and researchers.
Structure de la CommissionThe National Commission consists of:
- The Executive Board, which meets at least 2 times a year;
- The General Assembly representing relevant government departments and institutions, which meets once a year.
- The Appointment, Audit and Finance Committee, which also meets 2 times a year to discuss matters of personnel, audit and approve expenditures.
- The Secretariat
- 4 Sections: 1) Accounts; 2) Administration; 3) Education and Science; 4) Culture, Communication and Information.
Membres/CompositionThe National Commission comprises 32 members.
Comité exécutifPolicy making organ of the Commission composed of 10 members, including representatives of relevant ministries (Education, Finance, Information and Civic Education, Justice, External Affairs, Statutory Corporations, Department of Culture, and Department of Science and Technology) and the University of Malawi appointed by the President of the Republic .The Executive Board meets at least twice a year.
Assemblée généraleCurrently composed of 32 members, representing relevant government departments and institutions. The General Assembly meets once a year.
Comités ou sous-comitésThe Commission has one committee called Finance, Appointments and Audit, which is composed of five members elected from the Executive Board.
Détails sur les sous-comités
Nombre de comités ou sous-comités1
Thèmes des sous-comités[X] Autre
Coopération avec l’UNESCO et d'autres Commissions nationales
Vue d'ensembleThe Malawi National Commission collaborates with other National Commissions and maintains good working relations with the UNESCO Field Offices of Harare, Nairobi and Dakar.
Annual or Biennal Report
PériodicitéAnnual or biennal
RépartitionThe journal is supposed to be published annually but due to financial and other problems, it has mostly been published once every two years.