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Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science
Informations générales
Nom anglaisPalestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science
Nom françaisCommission nationale palestinienne pour l'Education, la Culture et la Science
Nom espagnolComisión nacional de Palestina para la Educación, la Cultura y la Ciencia

P.O. Box 174
Palestinian Authority

Téléphone(+ 970) 22 42 10 80
Fax(+ 970) 22 420902
Site Web des Commissions nationales sur unesco.orghttps://www.pncecs.plo.ps
Langue de correspondanceENGLISH
NomDr Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri
DébutAvril 2019

NomDr Dawas Dawas
DébutAoût 2019

Date et modalités de création1994
LégislationAccording to the Decision of the Executive committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on 5th August, 1985, the PLO Executive Committee Member, Head of Education and Higher Education Department, was mandated to set the special bases and necessary systems for establishing the Palestinian National Commission f or Education, Culture and Science within the framework of the Education and Higher Education Department of PLO.
Structure de la CommissionNatcom is an Independent body not a part of any ministry and belongs to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) headed by Mr. Yahya Yakhlaf who was a previous Minister and Mr. Ismail Tellwai, Deputy Minister and the present Secretary General of NATCOM nominated by President Mahmoud Abbas. Also NATCOM is divided into three sectors, UNESCO, ALECSO and ISESCO.

Comité exécutifThe Executive Board is consist of representatives for various governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations working in the UNESCO Fields of Competences.
Assemblée généraleRecently Natcom participated in 37th General conference and also Natcom participated in all UNESCO's General a samples.
Comités ou sous-comitésEducational Committee
Cultural Social and Human sciences Committee
Water & Environmental Committee
Palestinian Women Network in Rural areas
40 Palestinian UNESCO ASPnet Schools
16 Palestinian UNESCO Clubs
Coopération avec l’UNESCO et d'autres Commissions nationales
Vue d'ensembleThe Commission cooperates with other national commissions at Arab regional and international levels in implementing projects, courses, seminars and symposiums on Educational, Cultural and Scientific topics as well as World Heritage.