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Syrian Arab Republic
Commission nationale syrienne pour l'UNESCO
General Information
English NameSyrian National Commission for UNESCO
French NameCommission nationale syrienne pour l'UNESCO

Ministry of Education
Al-Shahbandar Square
Syrian Arab Republic

Phone(963-11) 3321373
(963-11) 3312651
Fax(963-11) 33501031
E-mailncom@scs-net.org; 7110846@gmail.com (SG)
National Commissions Web site on unesco.orghttp://www.syrianeducation.org.sy (arabic)
Correspondence LanguageENGLISH
Office Holders
NameM. Hazwan al-Waz*
StartedDecember 2012
Type of Appointment*ex officio
Government PostMinister of Education

NameDr Nidal Hassan
Election DateNovember 2007
Mandated durationnot fixed
StartedNovember 2007
Type of AppointmentAppointed by the Chairperson of the National Commission.

Date and Method of Creation13 May 1948
StatusGovernmental (1 Ministry)
Department attached toMinistry of Education
Legislation DatesThe judicial text was accepted13/05/1976 and last revised
LegislationThe organization and functioning of the National Commission were established by the Decree No. 944 of 1976.
Documentation CentreThe Documentation Centre holds mainly approximately 5 000 UNESCO, ISESCO and ALECSO publications.
Structure of the CommissionThe National Commission comprises:
- The General Assembly
-The Follow-up Committee
- Six National Committees
- The Secretariat, which comprises four divisions: 1) Culture; 2) Communication and Cooperation; 3) Science; 4) Education
Members/CompositionComposed of 25 members
Executive CommitteeComposed of nine members appointed by their concerned Ministries. It is called "Follow-up Committee" and meets twice a year or when necessary.
General AssemblyComposed of 25 members representing the ministries concerned (Education, Higher Education, Culture, Irrigation, Tourism, Oil, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Information, Local Administration and the Environment, Social Affairs and Labour) and governmental institutions. The General Assembly meets once a year.
Committees or Sub-CommitteesSix National Committees: 1) Ethics of Specific Knowledge and Technology
(COMEST); 2) Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
(IOC); 3) Bioethics; 4) Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB); 5) Hydrological Programme (IHP); 6) Information for All (IFAP)

Committees/Sub-Committees Details
Number of Committees or Sub-Committees6
Sub-committee Topics[X] Science
[X] Communication
Interaction with UNESCO and National Commissions
OverviewLa Commission syrienne coopère avec ses consoeurs de la Région des Etats arabes, notamment lors de visites, d'ateliers de travail, de sessions de formation et d'échanges d'informations. De plus, la Commission nationale collabore avec les Bureaux UNESCO du Caire (Egypt), d'Amman (Jordanie) et de Beyrouth (Liban).