Comisión Nacional Guatemalteca de Cooperación con la UNESCO
Información General
Nombre en españolComisión Nacional Guatemalteca de Cooperación con la UNESCO

Unidad de Cooperación Nacional e Internacional del Ministerio de Educación (UCONIME)
6a. Calle 1-87 Zona 10,
Ministerio de Educacion

Teléfono(502) 2411-9595, ext. 2108
Correo electró
Sitio Web de Comisiones Nacionales
Lengua de correspondenciaESPAÑOL
PresidenteExcmo. Sr. D. Oscar Hugo LÓPEZ RIVAS
Secretaria GeneralSra. Sara Peralta de Rodríguez
Actividades de la Comisión Nacional
Activities in 2014
DescripciónDuring 2014 the Guatemalan National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO worked in closed cooperation with the UNESCO Field Office in Guatemala and with the government institutions related to the work of UNESCO specially, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Sports, the National Secretariat for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Guatemalan Permanent Delegation with UNESCO. (61)

This Technical Secretiat collaborated with the National Secretariat for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Social Development, the UNESCO Field Office in Guatemala, in the organization of the Summer School of the Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme, that was held on 10-14 November, 2014, in the city of Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez. This MOST Summer School title was “Science and Social Transformation in Latin-American and the Caribbean. The role of the scientific knowledge in economic and social development of the XXI century. In this academic activity participated nine international students, from El Salvador, Costa Rica, México, Ecuador, Colombia, Perú and Chile; and 25 from Guatemala.

In 2014, the Technical Secretariat improved its communication with the government ministries working on areas related to key UNESCO themes, especially with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture. This last one mentioned through Licda. Rosa María Chan, Deputy Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage. Several activities were worked together in the fields of world heritage, intangible heritage, Underwater Cultural Heritage, among others. (65)

This 2014 this Secretariat gave technical following to the entities, who presented proposals for the Participation Programme, held several meetings to support them in the development or improvement of those proposals. We had 2 approved projects: “First stage of the Regulatory/Master Plan of La Antigua Guatemala and Surrounding Areas” and “Inclusive education of youth, male & female, with disabilities in the formal education sector of Guatemala”. We are working closely with both Ministers, Culture and Education, in developing programming for the implementation thereof from January 2015. Also we gave technical assistance to the respective institutions to edited two more projects who will be reviewed at the Committee meeting in December. 110

For 2015 this Technical Secretariat has the challenge of creating its own virtual space, in order to use it for expanding the visibility of UNESCO and for the dissemination of the activities of the Organization, as awards, anniversaries, etc.39

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