Statistics on Media and Gender

In the area of media and gender, statistics indicate worrying trends in women's representation in media content, staffing and management.

According to the Global Report on the Status of Women in News Media, of the sample of media companies studied, only 16% in Eastern Europe, 27% in the Middle East and North Africa, and 69% in Sub-Saharan Africa have company-wide policies on gender equality. In the same report, it was found that women are under-represented in 73% of the media surveyed in Sub-Saharan Africa, 50% in Asia and Oceania, and 46% in the Americas. The numbers are indicative of the collaborative efforts needed to address this complex and pressing issue.

On the side of media content, research done by the Global Media Monitoring Project (2010), reveals that only 24% of the people questioned, heard, seen, or read about in the written and audiovisual media are women; only 13% of stories focus specifically on women; and 46% of news stories reinforcing gender stereotypes.




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