Youth, Skills and Work: What can you do?

Ms Lubna Sadek, Representative Editorial team youth version of GMR2012

The 2012 Education for All Global Monitoring Report, Youth and Skills: Putting Education to Work, found that a fifth of young people in developing countries never completed primary school and lack skills for work. Now we need your help to tell governments and policy makers how they must prioritise training for young people to stop this crisis! You can submit texts, photos, send a tweet or vote in our poll. We will collect your voices in an online YOUth paper, which we will deliver to ministries of education at the start of the New Year.

First, take a look at the new youth version of the Global Monitoring Report which was written by a Task Force of more than 600 young people around the world, and look at messages from youth campaigners to governments on the skills deficit.

Join our campaign!

Join our campaign to ‘Put Education to Work’. Add your name and we will keep you updated about events going on in your country, campaign activities and information about the upcoming youth version of the 2012 Global Monitoring report.


We want to portray the wasted potential of young people – showing the jobs that you would do if you had the skills to do them. Join our campaign by holding up a piece of paper in front of you saying what job you would do (in large writing) if you had the right training.

  • Upload your photo to Flickr, and tag it #YouthSkillsWork·
  • E-mail your photo to efareport(at), using#YouthSkillsWork as your e-mail subject·
  • Upload your video saying what country you’re from and what job you would do to YouTube, and e-mail the link to efareport(at), using #YouthSkillsWork as your e-mail subject


Why not use your design skills to help tell governments the importance of investing in youth skills?

There are many free online infographic tools. Don’t forget to reference the EFA Global Monitoring Report!

You can choose to make a graphic from our key facts and figures, or from the following data sets

WRITE A BLOG POST is an open space where you can make your voice heard about the need for skills. Submit your blog post today!


Text your name, age, country and what job you would do if you had the right skills and training to +44 7580 484 263


Do you think your government does enough to help disadvantaged young people learn relevant skills for work?

TWEET #YouthSkillsWork

I have joined @efareport’s campaign to show that young people need skills for work now! Join in too! #YouthSkillsWork

With training, I could be a [...] in [COUNTRY]. What would you be? #YouthSkillsWork

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