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Since the signature of their cooperation agreement in 2006, UNESCO maintains a strong cooperation with the African Union, an essential partner for the organization’s regional integration.

UNESCO’s cooperation with the African Union Commission has led to pan-African decisions in the fields of education, culture and natural sciences. Among these are:

  • Implementation of the Second Decade of Education for Africa (2006-2015)
  • Coordinated action on African languages, the African diasporas and African arts and culture
  • Development of the General History of Africa project which aims at adapting the contents of the volumes of the General History of Africa to school teaching.
  • A consolidated Plan of Action on Science and Technology implemented by the African Man and the Biosphere network (AfriMAB).
  • A joint African position and specific decisions on climate change and the creation of an Observatory for Science based in Africa.

Furthermore, UNESCO partnership with African Union has been prolific regarding African media and African Youth development. The two organizations have signed a Special Agreement to collaborate on journalism training on science and technology in Africa in 2009 and the AUC is UNESCO’s main partner in UNESCO’s Strategy on African Youth.

Agreement between the African Union and UNESCO (24 January 2006)

UNESCO-AUC Special agreement on journalism training on science and technology:


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