19.11.2018 - Africa Department

Celebrating 2018 Africa Fashion Reception at UNESCO

Paris November 7th 2018.

Unesco in partnership with the African Union and Legendary Gold Limited organized the Africa Fashion Reception 2018.

UNESCO, in partnership with the African Union, hosted the 2018 Africa Fashion Reception. On the theme "Africa, is the new inspiration for global fashion", this third edition highlighted the works of African creators based on the Continent. "The creators that we honour tonight are part of the African youth who, despite a difficult environment, have manage to make African creativity shine around the world. Reconciling African and Western traditions, they arouse more interest from a world of fashion in search of inspiration.”, said Mr Firmin E. Matoko, Assistant Director General for Sector of Africa Priority and External Relations at UNESCO. The CEO of Legendary Gold Unlimited, Lewy Mojo-Eyes said "the goal of Africa Fashion Reception is to empower women and youths from around the African continent in the various fashion vocations through, training, capacity building and the setting up of small scale business."

The Reception included a fashion show and an exhibition. The members of UNESCO, the African Union and fashion enthusiasts had the opportunity to discover the sublime creations of these creators, through collections of ready-to-wear for men and women all using African fabric and modern styles.

UNESCO, through its Priority Africa programme supports this event which celebrates fashion and that is driven by the desire to "promote culture for sustainable development and peace in a regional context", concluded Mr. Firmin E. Matoko.

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